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Ulead VideoStudio Review -Getting ready to start with video editing? Maybe you've some video that you'd like to make into a nice little movie production, complete with transitions between scenes, background music, title text, and some fun video effects. And you can share your movies as video files for computer playback, or post for friends to view over the Web, or download to a iPod to take with you, or even burn on DVD to watch in the living room. We use this program to edit and record our home movies as well as our customer videos.

Well, now we have our videos downloaded in .flv format (or .mov), but, for some unknown reason, we need them in .avi, .wmv, .mpg or .mov format. There is no problem at all. There are a few freeware software which allows the video to function perfectly.

Coming soon. iYOuTube blog and registered user section to upload new videos and personal adds. A new movie review and registered user rate my photo contest will be presented with a grand prize of $1000.00. This event will be offered to new and current users whom submit videos and photos to our new sites when presented. Users are requested to open an new account.


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